User Guide

TAPP is Built on Integrity.

We take a mindful approach to designing and engineering a platform with features that help you share, discover, and communicate greatly with your connections.

More privacy, convenience, mental health and positivity is what we strive for, so that everything you do on TAPP brings an abundant amount of joy, alignment, authenticity, and trust.

Here are some things that we do differently on TAPP.
Likes are built with no counter, so that liking a post becomes more genuine, as opposed to entering a popularity contest.
Messaging someone on a post enables a private space for genuine and open conversations.
Your profile can’t be searched publicly on TAPP. Only close friends and family, that you’ve invited, can see your profile and the content that you share.
Invites are the best way to share what you love with people you want in your community of trust.
There is no advertising on TAPP. We don’t sell any data and we don’t follow your behavior offline to be creepy. Ever. We value our relationship with YOU and care deeply about your privacy and ours—like you, we use TAPP with our close friends and family too.

Invite your friends to discover & share things together.

Start on the Home Tab 

and click on the invite icon

at the top left corner. This will take you to your contacts where you can invite friends and family to your private network.

Notification Center

New connections and likes on your posts will appear on the top right hand corner of the Home Tab

with a blue dot next to the bell

. Open the notifications center by clicking the bell. Remember to allow notifications to stay up-to-date.

The notification center is your place to see what you’ve missed while you were away.
A blue dot next to the bell will indicate that you have a new notification.
There are no alarms, bells, or whistles to annoy you.
New notifications you receive in the center are:
New connections from people you’ve invited that have signed on. Welcome them with a private message!
Likes to your post from people in your network.
With your permission, Push Notifications that appear on your iPhone or device are:
New messages you receive from people in your private network.
You will be notified of all the people that join your group from the invite link you or your group-mates share.

Create Your First Private Group

From People Tab

, click the

button to create your private group. This will open the Create a Group window.

Name your group and choose an image that best represents your group then click

. Now you can invite your friends and family within the People Tab


Invite Your Contacts to Join Your Group

Select the group that you’ve created, click the

to start inviting close friends and family to join. On the next screen, select one or more friends to invite to your group.